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  • Will 2014 Be Rep. Doug Lamborn's Final Year in Congress?

    Colorado Pols

    Before you dismiss the idea that Lamborn may be in trouble, such a circumstance would not be entirely out of the ordinary in Colorado. In 2008, Democrat Betsy Markey defeated longtime incumbent Rep. Marilyn Musgrave – another volatile elected official that Republicans had grown tired of supporting in a traditionally-safe CD-4. Markey was not able to hold the seat in 2010, when she lost her re-election bid to Republican Cory Gardner.

    "Can Democrats win in CD-5?" We'd argue that this is the wrong question to ask.

    "Can a Democrat beat Doug Lamborn in 2014?" It's growing more possible by the day.

  • Democratic congressional candidate Halter on track to raise $165k in 1st quarter

    The Gazette

    Retired Gen. Irv Halter, Democratic candidate for the 5th Congressional District, has released his latest campaign figures ahead of the deadline, and the show that he's brought in just over $165,000 in the first quarter of 2014.

    "We are exactly where we want to be," said Ethan Susseles, Halter's campaign manager. "It is clear that there is widespread enthusiasm for changing how Washington works."

  • As congressional elections approach, questions of pay during shutdown arise

    The Gazette

    Key Points: 

    Some of the remaining five delegates had pledged to forfeit their salaries if federal workers weren't given back pay, but the final funding agreement between the House and Senate to reopen government ensured back pay for those employees.

    "As was reported at the time, I asked to have my pay withheld during the shutdown and treated the same way as any other federal employees," Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs said. "When pay was restored retroactively four days into the shutdown by a unanimous, bipartisan bill that I cosponsored in the House, I allowed my pay to be restored as well. I also introduced legislation to protect all military and civilian federal workers from pay disruptions during the shutdown."

  • New Washington Post Poll: Congressional Incumbents Like Doug Lamborn face Record-High Voter Discontent

    A new Washington Post-ABC News poll out this week finds that only 22% of Americans would vote to re-elect their Member of Congress, the lowest level in the history of the poll.

    Major General (ret.) Irv Halter pointed to this poll as a reason voters may abandon 8-year incumbent Congressman Doug Lamborn.

    "If you want to change Congress, you have to change the kind of person you send to Congress," Halter remarked.  "We have to transcend partisanship and ideology and send different kinds of leaders with real world experience and a commitment to get our Congress working again."

  • Even the Pot Wouldn’t Call This Kettle Black

    Colorado Pols

    Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn was elected to Congress in 2006 with about 16,000 total votes in a 6-way primary. He has never seen a real challenge in the Republican-dominated CD-5, and as a member of the majority Party in Congress, he has a great deal of freedom to champion legislation of his choosing. He just…doesn't.